Beer Church Seattle

The Seattle Chapter of Beer Church

Seattle is the home of Beer Church. We like to believe that Beer Church exists in the hearts of all good people, but Seattle is where it began and that's where most of our events take place. 

Join us using the form on the right. We encourage people all over the world to join us.

At first, Beer Church was just a funny idea and a kitschy name. Then we had a party. It was no different from any other party except that we were earning money for the American Lung Association. That’s when the light bulb came on. All we did was drink beer and have fun and we earned over $1,000 for charity. We actually had a purpose and that seemed to make it even more fun.

We haven’t looked back. Since 1998, Beer Church has organized a minimum of two charity events per year and has raised nearly $100,000 for a variety of causes. That number continues to grow.

If you live in or around Seattle, we encourage you to join us. If you do not live in or around Seattle, we encourage you to join us. We'll keep you informed of the good work we're doing and let you know how you can be involved.

We want to establish a worldwide membership of more that 1,000,000 people. Help us get there. We’ll figure out what to do later.

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