Craft Beer plus Food


The first-ever Craft:Beer+Food event was amazing. Don’t take our word for it. Here are links for posts about the event that we presented last night in Seattle. Craft:Beer+Food was produced by the Washington Beer Blog (the same people who bring you Beer Church).

If you missed it, do not despair.  We have a strong suspicion that there will be sequel. Stay tuned. (To see the photo gallery, visit the official event website).

Photos – Success at Craft Beer + Food, by Sarah Heath (Twitter handle @nSeattleSarah).

Craft Beer + Food = Delicious, by Dikla Tuchman (Twitter handle @Mulvah).

Craft:Beer+Food Shows Beer Goes Great with More than Meat, by Glenn Drosendahl, Puget Sound Business Journal.

Craft:Beer+Food Pairing: Miss the Event? Here's Your DIY Guide, by Kristen Russell, Seattle Magazine

Guests at Craft:Beer+Food (photo by Dikla Tuchman)


Craft:Beer+Food raised over $2,000 for the cause.


This event WAS held on Oct. 28th 2011

A benefit for the Just Garden Project
presented by the Washington Beer Blog (the same people who bring you Beer Church). 

Craft:Beer+Food celebrates the pairing of Seattle’s world class food and world class beer with an event that demonstrates how locally brewed craft beers can be part of an elegant dining experience. Craft:Beer+Food introduces food lovers to good beer, beer lovers to good food.

The chefs and the brewers make the decisions. Each brewery will be paired with a chef to create a unique food+beer pairing. Our intention is to make the introductions and facilitate the creativity. Ultimately, the chefs and the brewers determine what will be plated and poured.

At the event, each attendee will have the opportunity to enjoy all ten beer+food pairings. Each station will offer a sample of beer along with a taste of food.